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We provide a professional service for property settlements at a competitive price. Each settlement is unique, and we aim to provide a service to suit. From our humble beginnings in 2003 we have grown into a thriving business that remembers familiar names and faces. We pride ourselves on our personalised, high quality and professional service.

Our office consists of  Alicia (Licensee), Rosie, Prue & Liss who have a combined industry experience of more than thirty years.

As we are a small office when a client calls they will always be able to speak with someone who can assist with their enquiry.


Frequently Asked Questions;

What is a settlement agent?

A settlement agent is a qualified representative who prepares and lodges all documentation required to transfer a Certificate of Title from a Seller to a Buyer or change the registered proprietors of a Certificate of Title.


Our duties include;

  • Examine the Offer and Acceptance contract as well as the Certificate of title, including encumbrances.
  • Prepare all documentation required to transfer the property. 
  • Liaise with banks, brokers, real estate agent, other settlement agents and government departments. 
  • Enquire and Request information to adjust rates, taxes and levies. 
  • Organise and book settlement.
  • Attending settlement with all parties in order to exchange monies and documentation.
  • Advising the real estate agent in writing once settlement has occurred so that they can organise the hand over of keys.  


Why should I appoint a settlement agent?

Settlements are a complex process which require meticulous attention to detail so it is recommended that you elect someone with thorough industry knowledge in order to make the process as stress free as possible. Furthermore the settlement industry is ever changing and it is important that your representative is always up to date with any new practices or legislation.